4.2 Litre XK Engine (Restored)

By Evolution E-Types

Experience the legendary XK engine, a true icon of the 20th Century, through Evolution E-Types. We proudly offer the 4.2L XK Engine as a crate engine or a seamlessly fitted unit for your vehicle at our state-of-the-art headquarters in Newton Aycliffe. The Evolution 4.2L XK goes beyond restoration, requiring a minimum of 500 hours of meticulous craftsmanship. Stripping down the original donor unit, only the block and head are retained, while every other component is reimagined and enhanced for enhanced reliability and increased power, tailored to your preferences. Our skilled engine builders begin by machining custom liners and meticulously fitting them, ensuring flawlessly smooth surfaces. The block and head undergo precise machining, accompanied by the creation of new valve seats, buckets, cams, and billet aluminum cam covers. Our in-house casting produces the sump, while the engine rods, pistons, and cranks are meticulously crafted to our own design. If desired, you can choose to increase the engine's displacement from 3.8 litres to an impressive 4.2 litres, unlocking exceptional power gains. The engine is meticulously assembled, incorporating electronic ignition, new timing gear, fuel rails, and custom-machined carburettors to perfectly match the specifications of our stroked engine. Finally, we engineer a bespoke billet radiator to optimize airflow and cooling. Explore the remarkable Evolution XK Engine and elevate your driving experience to new heights.

4.7 Litre Evolution Engine

By Evolution E-Types

The XK engine stands among the most renowned and adored powerhouses of the 20th century, and our relentless dedication ensures that each one achieves its utmost potential. We pour over 500 hours of meticulous labor into crafting the Evolution E-Type powertrain, delivering contemporary power fused with timeless engagement. The culmination? A relentless powertrain, surpassing the confines of a conventional E-Type, roaring with over 350 horsepower, exceeding all expectations.
The creation of the Evolution powertrain is a tailored process, varying depending on the client's chosen engine. We begin by stripping down the original XK 4.2L engine, preserving only the formidable block and head. Our team of specialized engine builders then meticulously machine our own liners, fitting them to the blocks with precision, honing to a laser-smooth finish. Every facet of the block undergoes a meticulous machining process, while the head is expertly skimmed and ported. Simultaneously, we engineer new valve seats, buckets, cams, and billet aluminium cam covers, all exuding an air of uncompromising excellence.
Within our very walls, the sump is forged, casting an indomitable foundation for the engine. The engine rods, pistons, and cranks are meticulously crafted according to our exclusive design, with the latter stretched from 3.8 litres to an astonishing 4.2 litres, unleashing an extraordinary surge of displacement and awe-inspiring power gains.
With meticulous precision, the engine is assembled, graced with electronic ignition, cutting-edge timing gear, fuel rails, and carburettors all meticulously machined in-house, tailored to the exacting specifications of our newly stroked engine. And as the finishing touch, we fashion our own bespoke billet radiator, an artful masterpiece enhancing both airflow and cooling, designed specifically for our commanding and more potent engine. Brace yourself for the true essence of power, embodied within the unparalleled Evolution powertrain.